Friday, April 12, 2013

SOTF Prairie Chicken Event

What a wonderful weekend of fun! I spent the first weekend in April with my "Sisters" in Joe's Colorado. I smiled all weekend long and can not wait to go out again!

Saturday Morning we awoke to reveille at 4:30 AM. (I know why????) Loaded up and headed out to the pasture to get all settled in in hunting blinds. No hunting today, just watching. Watching for PRAIRIE CHICKENS! After settling in and trying to be as quiet as possible (20+ women quiet???) we listened intently for the sounds of the male Chickens. You see the male chickens come in early to primp and prep for the lady birds. They do a little fussing and fighting and stomping their feet to attract a pretty lady bird.

After we returned from watching the birds we all cleaned up and staged our campers. The local newspaper and radio had made it known we had come to visit and our campers would be on display for all to tour.

After a quick lunch off we went......a visit to a local couples home showed me I had much collecting to do before I had anything close to what they had been collecting. Fantastic!

A quick trip to the local printers shop to see his Lineotype machine and printing presses. All vintage and fun to watch. It's amazing to see the technology of yesteryear and compare it to what we have now.

A quick trip to a local thrift store on the way back to the camp was worth the visit. I found a couple good tablecloths to match my campers theme.

Dinner together and then fun stories and visiting around the fire.

We all had to head home on Sunday. I spent a little time with our hosts practicing Trap shooting. My new to me shotgun is now broken in and so am I. Once again a fun adventure with my "Sisters"!


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  1. Thank you for interesting photos. I'm very glad to read your experience including fun stories and amazing places.