Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Seasons Greetings!

Seasons Greetings!

David and I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year! Family and friends are near and dear to our hearts this season. So many ups and downs but in the end we have each other and the future is wide open and ready for adventure!

David and Heather

Christmas Village with a Glamper touch!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Old Bag Made New

I found an old suitcase at the flea market and decided to jazz it up a bit to match my camper. Matia my 1 year old puddin jack (jack russell) is checkin it out. I haven't decided if its done yet....I'm thinking it needs a little fringe or something.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Misc Pictures

My hubby makes graphics for race cars and signs for businesses out of vinyl. I needed something cool for the door. It was very bland and I figured it was just another oppertunity to GLAM the camper up. By the way if you need something like this contact me and I'll give you his email and he will give you a quote.

Whats happened over the winter and this summer

Several modifications were in store for the glamper. After our maiden voyage I decided I didnt like the U shaped eating area in the front of the camper. I had Dave rip out the top of the U and relocate the water tank. He made me a new table top to match the wood/butcher block look of the counter tops and end table he had already made. In the process we decided to add a large deep cell battery and a 15 watt solar panel to keep it charged and to power small items when power was not available to plug into. It works like a charm! Most of our camping will be off grid so this made perfect sense.
In the front over the table we added a small open shelf below the storage compartments. This will be for dispalying small items we collect on the road.

At the rear of the camper was a storage cupboard over the bed. It really didnt function very well so I had Dave pull it out and build a shelf in the same theme as the table top. I now display my vintage suitcases that hold breakable items when moving and clothing that won't fit in the closet. Works like a charm!

We added new vinyl flooring, the padded woodfloor look, I didnt want to add additional weight and wanted it to hold up in any weather so it was vinyl over pergo.

More is to come I'm sure.

Maiden Voyage, not done but had the itch....

With a good cleaning and new curtains and fresh paint I couldnt wait any longer and off we went for a short weekend trip up the road to Cheyenne WY. We spent most of the weekend antiquing and resting.

At the campground our little glamper was the talk of the place. We had many people stop by to take a look and tell us about the little camper they once had. Now their stuck with their monster mansions on wheels.

We tested out the new awning, it stood up to those notorious wyoming winds with only a little sag. Something to work on for the next trip. Dave even cooked breakfast on our last morning there!

You'll notice the appliances have been painted red. I just couldn't stomach avacado green anymore!

My list of things to make for or change in the glamper has grown. This includes finding a name for the little darlin. Little House on the Bumper is to long I think but I'll keep thinking. Feel free to leave me a comment with any suggestions.

A little paint goes a long way.....

Lots of ugly green! I happen to like red and so red was to be the color of choice for my glamper. Dave (hubby) spent all weekend covering the green with a lovely shade of red. Including the hitch. These are some of the first steps to making my dream a reality.

The Clean Up Starts....

So exactly what did I get for my money. One 1968 Security Traveler, made in Idaho. I also got some dirt and dust. The good points in all of this are 1) NO mouse or critter evidence 2) NO leaks to speak of, just some older weep marks from the rear window which had been repaired. 3) Good bones. I count myself lucky even though I have plenty of work ahead of me to clean and personalize I don't have to do a major teardown at this time.

The Hunt

Let's start in the beginning. After reading an issue of "Mary Janes Farm" magazine in which there was an article on the "Sisters on the Fly" I was determined to find an older travel trailer. I looked in the normal places, Craigs List, Ebay etc. but couldnt find something I liked much less something I could afford. So I began backyard and field shopping. You know thats were your driving down the road checking out other peoples stuff in their yards.

One afternoon on my way home from work I spied what I believed to be "the one". After watching it for weeks (no for sale sign ever appeared) I sent the hubby over to knock on the farmhouse door. The owner of the camper was a nice fellow but he said he wasn't interested in selling. I was so bummed! As the summer progressed and the economy tanked I passed the camper on a daily basis, it never moved. So in the early fall I sent hubby back over and this time the gentleman said things had changed. He would be interested in selling. Imagine just how excited I was at this point, my very own camper was waiting for me. After some discussion and folding green in hand we made the deal. 450.00 and it was mine! YEAH!!!!