Sunday, July 4, 2010

Old Bag Made New

I found an old suitcase at the flea market and decided to jazz it up a bit to match my camper. Matia my 1 year old puddin jack (jack russell) is checkin it out. I haven't decided if its done yet....I'm thinking it needs a little fringe or something.


  1. Heather, luv your travele case....tooooo cute!

  2. Adorable! So is your pooch!!! I think if I hadn't gotten a Bichon, I would have picked a Jack Russell. So cute.
    Love the trailer, I started one last summer...unfortunately, it was destroyed a couple weeks ago in a wind storm...a twin of Katmom's...a 59 Aljo.

  3. Heather, so very the travel case..adorable! I want to make one now...and the glamper is too all the decor...and the red is perfect!!!
    You go girl,

  4. Love what you did with the little suitcase! Cowboys and Cowgirls are my theme in the main floor bathroom. I love 'em. That is soooo cute!