Friday, July 2, 2010

Whats happened over the winter and this summer

Several modifications were in store for the glamper. After our maiden voyage I decided I didnt like the U shaped eating area in the front of the camper. I had Dave rip out the top of the U and relocate the water tank. He made me a new table top to match the wood/butcher block look of the counter tops and end table he had already made. In the process we decided to add a large deep cell battery and a 15 watt solar panel to keep it charged and to power small items when power was not available to plug into. It works like a charm! Most of our camping will be off grid so this made perfect sense.
In the front over the table we added a small open shelf below the storage compartments. This will be for dispalying small items we collect on the road.

At the rear of the camper was a storage cupboard over the bed. It really didnt function very well so I had Dave pull it out and build a shelf in the same theme as the table top. I now display my vintage suitcases that hold breakable items when moving and clothing that won't fit in the closet. Works like a charm!

We added new vinyl flooring, the padded woodfloor look, I didnt want to add additional weight and wanted it to hold up in any weather so it was vinyl over pergo.

More is to come I'm sure.

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  1. Hey Heather,
    What great modifications you made...I wish I could put a shelf across the back/over the bed of my trailer but it curves around which would make the shelf awkward in shape & size...
    Love the red too. It makes your trailer really pop!