Friday, July 2, 2010

The Hunt

Let's start in the beginning. After reading an issue of "Mary Janes Farm" magazine in which there was an article on the "Sisters on the Fly" I was determined to find an older travel trailer. I looked in the normal places, Craigs List, Ebay etc. but couldnt find something I liked much less something I could afford. So I began backyard and field shopping. You know thats were your driving down the road checking out other peoples stuff in their yards.

One afternoon on my way home from work I spied what I believed to be "the one". After watching it for weeks (no for sale sign ever appeared) I sent the hubby over to knock on the farmhouse door. The owner of the camper was a nice fellow but he said he wasn't interested in selling. I was so bummed! As the summer progressed and the economy tanked I passed the camper on a daily basis, it never moved. So in the early fall I sent hubby back over and this time the gentleman said things had changed. He would be interested in selling. Imagine just how excited I was at this point, my very own camper was waiting for me. After some discussion and folding green in hand we made the deal. 450.00 and it was mine! YEAH!!!!

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